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Thinking about making drones a part of your business? Already use drones for work?

mdBlog is for you. This is where the Microdrones team shares insights on new aircraft, technology, and using drones for commercial applications like surveying, mapping, inspection, construction, and precision agriculture.

10 Best Microdrones Developments of 2016

It’s been a high-flying year for Microdrones! As we prepare to bring 2016 to a close, we wanted to take a… Read More

Newly Released: The Latest Version of mdCockpit

The Microdrones team is excited to present you with the latest version of our mdCockpit app! You can download it… Read More

mdGeoTagger is here!

The anticipated mdGeoTagger is here! The software team is very proud of this development. Here’s a preview of the app:… Read More

A Letter from Santa to Microdrones

Dear Microdrones, I’m writing to thank you in advance for what I expect to be my merriest Christmas ever. We… Read More

How to Use a Microdrones UAV for Mapping (Simple Workflow)

If you've never used a drone to complete a project, it can be hard to imagine how exactly it might… Read More

Our Thoughts on the Unmanned Traffic Management Convention

From November 8-10, the Microdrones team attended the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Convention held in Syracuse, NY. We enjoyed introducing our… Read More

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